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How To Choose The Glass Mould For Heat Bending Glass

Heat bending glass is a type of curved glass made by heating and softening float glass in a mould. The glass mould plays an important role in the molding process of heat bending glass. 
How To Choose The Glass Mould For Heat Bending Glass
The glass mould is conventionally made with metals. The metal mould for heat bending glass can be divided into 3 types: solid mould, frame mould and hollow mould. Since the metal mould is difficult to make, other materials are used to replace it. The ceramic glass mould brick is preferred and can meet the requirement of mass production well. In the actual production process, according to the product types, different glass moulds are chosen. 
The solid mould, as the name suggests, has solid heart and is made with iron plate. It can easily ensure the consistent of the curvature of the glass and the spherical. The glass will not bend excessively. However, it is costly and take too much time to make. In the bending process, the mould absorbs too much heat which results in a slow temperature rise of the glass. Pitting may occur on the surface of the glass. 
Hollow mould is made with angle steel and flat steel. It is relatively easy to make and uses less materials. During the bending process, it absorbs less heat and is supported with springs. Pitting does not occur. This kind of mould has a higher requirement on the operation techniques. Since heat hysteresis may occur during the bending process, the glass is easily bent excessively. 
Frame mould is a kind of mould somewhere between the solid mould and hollow mould. It is relatively easy to make compared to the solid mould and has a lower requirement on the operation techniques. 
Compared to metal mould, ceramic mould brick can accurately repeat the geometry and can cast three-dimension glass geometry with cheap materials, because it has no shrinkage. It has smooth surface and can be used without polishing process. During the bending temperature range, it has stable size and low expansion coefficient. In the same situation, the metal mould may destroy the shape of glass due to expansion. It does not require complex process like the metal mould. 
Since ceramic glass mould brick has good integrity, it has lower requirement for the operation than the metal mould. It has good resistance to oxidization and wear. It is a permanent mould and ideal the mass production of heat bending glass. 
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