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Glass Mold Materials for Bent Glass

Glass bending technology is a new glass making technology, mainly used for manufacturing electronic screens, such as TV screen, mobile phone screen, tablet PC screen, monitor screen, and laptop screen. The traditional metal molds, due to their low melting point, cannot meet the requirements of the glass bending technology. New materials such as graphite and ceramic are used for manufacturing bent glass molds. 
Glass Mold Materials for Bent Glass
When bending glass, the glass needs to be heated to softening point of 600℃ first, and then higher temperature of 1500-2000℃ to make the glass melt and flow. However, since the melting point of steel is 1535℃, when the glass is melt, so does the steel. Among the metals, tungsten has the highest melting point of 3410℃. But, making molds with tungsten can be very expensive and difficult. 
Graphite has high hardness, high electrical conductivity, anti-radiation, good corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, low price and, the most important, good resistance to high temperature. Moreover, it has the opposite changes with the rising of temperature compared to metals. The higher the temperature is, the harder its texture is. Therefore, there is no deformation. The graphite glass mold greatly reduces the cost and difficulty of production. 
However, the graphite glass mold has some drawbacks. There are some soft spots on its surface, which will reduce the wear resistance and service life of the mold. It has a poor structure before heat treatment. The final spheroidized microstructure is coarse and uneven and there are mesh, ribbon and chain carbide, which makes the mold easy to crack after quenching. 
Compared to metal and graphite molds, our ceramic glass mould brick has the following advantages:
1. Low permanent linear change on reheating
Firing under the temperature of 1050 Degree ensures no distortion and no permanent linear change on the Glass Mould Brick.
2. High dense structure
Glass Mould Brick is manufactured from micron grade material, which is pressed molding following being mixed by high speed blender. 
3. Good Thermal Shock Stability.
No cracks even chap would be happening after long service of the Glass Mould Brick
4. Easy to be machined
Glass Mould Brick is manufactured based on the customer request, which avoids waste from cutting of the big blocks.
Due to the above advantages, our glass mould brick is ideal for manufacturing bent glass. 
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