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Classification of Bent glass molds

Bent glass molds play a vital role in the bending process of glass. Bent glass molds can be divided into solid mold, frame mold and hollow mold. 
Classification of Bent glass molds
Solid mold is made with 5mm iron plate. Its advantage is that it will not be excessively bent. However, it is difficult to manufacture and has a high cost. It absorbs too much heat and wastes energy. There may be pits on the surface. It is seldom used now. 
Hollow mold is generally made of angle steel, flat steel or pipes. It is simple to manufacture. Compared to solid mold, it uses less materials, absorbs less heat and there is no pit on the surface. But it has higher requirement on operation. Since there is thermal hysteresis during the process, it is easy to be excessively bent. It is suitable to the bending of large glass plate and glass with a big radian. 
Frame mold is in between the solid mold and hollow mold. It is the most widely used bent glass mold. It is simple to manufacture and has lower requirements on operation. 
With the development of the glass bending technology, a higher request is put on Glass Mould Brick in terms of its performance and quality. Sunrise has been developed a type of Glass Mould Brick. Our glass mould brick has low permanent linear change on reheating, high dense structure, good thermal shock stability and is easy to be machined. 
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