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The Quality Management of Refractory Material

The quality management of glass mould brick problem description:

1. The quality problem in annular kiln firing

According to the national standard for sintered clay brick, burrs, place brick, black brick, crisp, spiral grain brick, out-of-tolerance size, no complete surface, impurity bulge, lack of edge drop

appearance quality overproof, all act as the unqualified products. Look from the actual situation of some tile enterprises, a lot of nonconforming with burrs and place brick accounting for the

biggest proportion, generally for 1% - 3% of annual production, some villages and towns tile enterprises is as high as 5%. So in the firing process, to ensure product quality tile is crucial, at the

same time, reduce the product cost is also the key to improve enterprise economic benefits.

2. Adobe quality and kiln quality on the influence of firing quality

Wet adobe puts into kiln, one is to increase furnace water vapor content, increase the burning coal consumption. The second is water vapor can be around the body, broken slab billet crib stability,

cause a series of damage. To adopt drying of enterprise is not only caused by kiln collapse and scrap, and cause "obstruction" of the production process.

3. Start from adobe kiln and code quality, improve the quality of burning

Adobe drying quality is to ensure adobe in good condition (no cracks, be affected with damp, endure the cold, etc.), dehydration balance and short drying cycle, it is decided by two aspects, one is

the internal additive as thin agent is right, to reduce dry sensitivity. The second is to strengthen the administration of the drying process, natural drying should pay special attention to the following

points: 1. drying facilities (frame, machine bunds, gutter repairs). 2. Protection facilities (sacks, curtain, etc). 3. Establish perfect operation of the flower, nursing and management discipline. 4. To

carry out the responsibility, limit drying cycle and rejection rate, with rewards and punishment system. 
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