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What are the protective measures of refractory material?

After purchasing glass mould brick, need take protective measures
Brick for the factory to be timely, to prevent refractory material moisture or storage time is too long. Bricklay process, resolutely do not apply the brick material by drop horn, lack of edge and surface cracks, brick shape is not the whole, and to control the quality of masonry, after all, to check the masonry operations, in order to ensure the quality of masonry.
In the normal production, to maintain the kiln brick, in fact, is the maintenance of the kiln skin, should do everything possible, adhere to the conditions of stability, maintenance of the kiln, needs to take maintenance measures, summed up the following:

1. To strengthen the maintenance of machinery and electrical equipment, to strengthen the inspection of post staff and workshop technical staff, found the problem and in a timely manner to adjust, so that ensure the equipment in good condition and operating rate.
2. To strengthen the technical operation, optimize the operating parameters, stabilize the thermal principle, stabilize the system conditions, reduce fluctuations.
3. To do air leakage sealing treatment of the system well, the stability of the feed into the kiln raw material.
4. To use low-temperature calcination technology, control the differentiation furnace outlet temperature is 870 ~ 880 ℃, the export of exhaust gas temperature control in the 300 ~ 330 ℃.
5. To settle ingredients plan, control the raw material composition.
6. To control the appropriate coal fineness and moisture.
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