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Unshaped refractory characteristics and properties

Unpredictable refractory material is a breakthrough in the production of refractory materials, but also an important development direction of refractory materials. It is an excellent high-temperature refractory material that can be directly used without being pre-fired, loosely mixed or formed and baked.
  According to the construction methods and material properties, monolithic refractories can be divided into gunning material, coating material, projectile material, watering material, plastic material and ramming material.
  Spraying material: a fire-resistant mixture for gunning or spraying with a jet machine.
  Paint: The material applied to the refractory lining. According to different requirements and construction methods, refractory coatings are formulated into paste-like and mud-like forms.
  Projection material: a semi-dry, cast with a projector projection lining material. Mainly used to build the overall Sheng barrel lining. Materials are siliceous, waxy, clayy, aluminous and zircon-like. The more used are high-silica and high-aluminum projection materials.
  Watering material: A kind of material with better fluidity after adding water and stirring. After forming the need to be properly conservation, so that condensation, hardening, according to a certain system after baking can be used. Watering material to aluminum silicate clinker, corundum material or alkaline refractory clinker as the aggregate; lightweight watering material to the expanded perlite, vermiculite, ceramsite, alumina hollow spheres as the aggregate.
  Can be plastic: with plastic mud or clay blank. Appropriate external force, easy to deform without cracking; stress relief, no longer deformed.
  Ramming material: a kind of low plasticity or non-ductile bulk refractory material. Material of silicon, clay, high aluminum, corundum, zircon stone, silicon carbide, carbonaceous, magnesia, etc.
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