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Lightweight firebrick ten functions

 1. Light-weight: Light-weight bricks have a dry capacity of only 500-700kg/m*3, which is 1/4 of general concrete, 1/3 of clay, and 1/2 of hollow blocks, because their bulk density is lower than that of water. Commonly known as aerated concrete floating on the surface of the water, the use of this product in construction can reduce the weight of the building and significantly reduce the construction cost of the building.
        2. Insulation and heat insulation: Because the air-entrained concrete forms tiny pores in the production process, these air holes constitute an air layer in the guessing of materials, which greatly improves the thermal insulation effect, and the thermal conductivity of the air-entrained concrete is 0.11. -0.16W/MK. The insulation effect is 5 times that of clay bricks and 10 times that of concrete.
        3. Sound absorption and sound insulation: The porous structure of the aerated concrete makes it have excellent sound absorption and sound insulation functions, which can create a high airtight interior space for you. Provide you with a quiet and comfortable living environment.
        4. Shortening value: Due to the use of high-quality river sand and pulverized coal as the siliceous material, the shortened value is only 0.1--0.5 mm/m, and the excellent information of small shortening value ensures that your wall will not crack.
        5, Impermeability: The pore structure of this product, so that its capillary effect is poor, water absorption and moisture conduction is slow, the same time the volume of water to full absorption is 5 times the clay brick.
        6. Environmental protection: The process of production, transportation and use is pollution-free, maintenance of plowing land, energy saving and consumption reduction, and it is a green building material.
        7. Earthquake: The same building structure uses lightweight bricks to improve the seismic level of clay bricks.
        8. Durability: The aerated concrete is stable for a long period of time. After one year of exposing the specimen to the atmosphere, the strength is improved by 25%, and it remains stable after 10 years.
        9. Machinability: This product is light in weight and has various sizes and specifications. It is convenient for nails, drills, cuts, saws, and planers to lay pipelines. It also uses expansion pipes on the walls to directly fix hanging cabinets, air conditioners, and smoke machines. , to your hydroelectric device, bring home convenience.
        10. Fire resistance: The refractoriness is 700 degrees. It is a fireproof material. The 100mm thick block fireproof function can reach 225 minutes. The 200mm thick block fireproof function can reach 480 minutes.
        Ash sand bricks are dense, generally sand and stone, and they are smaller in shape. Lightweight bricks generally use cinder, which is lighter and larger, and the center is mostly empty.
        Lightweight refractory products containing 30% to 46% aluminum, with clay clinker or light clinker as the main raw materials, are generally produced by the combustible method. Chemical structures or foams can also be used to form porous structures.
        Ingredients and water are mixed to make plastic mud or mud, kneaded or cast, dried and roasted in an oxidizing atmosphere at 1250-1350°C.
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