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affecting the price of high alumina bricks

High-alumina refractory bricks, ie a high-alumina refractories with an alumina content of more than 45%. By bauxite or other high alumina content of raw materials formed and calcined. High thermal stability, refractoriness above 1770°C. Good slag resistance. High-alumina bricks are the most widely used type of refractory bricks. Therefore, the price of high alumina bricks directly affects the production cost of the company.
       The Influence of Aluminum Content on the Prices of High Aluminium Bricks
       One of the important working properties of high alumina refractory bricks is the structural strength at high temperatures, which is usually assessed by the softening deformation temperature of the load. Its high temperature creep was also measured to reflect its high temperature structural strength. The experimental results show that the softening temperature of the load increases with the increase of Al2O3 content. High-alumina brick manufacturers have three grades based on Al2O3 content: Grade I-Al2O3 content> 75%; Grade II-Al2O3 content 60 to 75%; Grade III-Al2O3 content 48 to 60%. Say, three grades divide high alumina bricks into three price ladders.
       High-alumina brick alumina content above 48% is neutral refractory brick manufacturer materials. By bauxite or other high alumina content of raw materials formed and calcined. High thermal stability, refractory brick factory above 1770 °C. Good slag resistance, used for masonry lining of steelmaking furnaces, glass furnaces, cement rotary furnaces, etc. This product has the advantages of small high temperature creep, strong erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, etc. It is suitable for large and medium hot blast stoves.
       The production process of high-alumina bricks and multi-clinker clay bricks is similar. The difference is that the proportion of clinker in the ingredients is high and can reach as high as 90 to 95%. The clinker must be sorted and sieved to remove iron before crushing, and the firing temperature Higher, such as I, II high alumina brick tunnel kiln firing is generally 1500 ~ 1600 °C.
      The performance of high alumina bricks is an important factor in the price of high alumina bricks
       1, refractoriness
       The refractoriness of high-alumina bricks is higher than that of clay bricks and semi-silica bricks, reaching 1750~1790°C. It is an advanced refractory material. The higher the refractoriness, the better the performance and the price will be weighted up.
       2, load softening temperature
       Because of the high Al2O3 content in high-alumina products and the low amount of impurities, the formation of friable glass bodies is less, so the load softening temperature is higher than the clay bricks, but because the mullite crystals do not form a network structure, the load-reduction softening temperature is still not high.
       3, slag resistance
       Al2O3 in high-alumina brick is more, close to the neutral refractories, can resist the erosion of acidic slag and alkaline slag, because it contains SiO2, so the ability of resistance to alkaline slag is weaker than the ability to resist acidic slag.
       High-alumina bricks are mainly used for masonry blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, electric furnace tops, blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, and rotary kiln linings. In addition, high-alumina bricks are widely used as refrigerated lattice bricks for open hearth furnaces, plug heads for gating systems, and nozzle bricks. However, the price of high-alumina bricks is higher than that of clay bricks, so it is not necessary to use high-alumina bricks where clay bricks can meet the requirements.
       The effect of size on the price of high alumina bricks
       High-alumina brick size is generally divided into national standard, special type, and special type. The size of the national standard is fixed, the production enterprises can produce in large quantities, so the price is relatively low; and the size and shape of the special type and the specific type are not fixed. In addition to general-purpose shaped bricks, generally the enterprises need to customize and produce, which requires the cost of mold opening and production. Difficulty also increases according to the complexity of the shape, so the price is relatively high.
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