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The Selection of Refractory Bricks and the Way of Kiln Const

Material selection and masonry of refractory bricks for float glass furnaces
The float glass furnace wall brick is generally a whole piece of brick in the height direction, and is placed according to the drawing number when laying. To ensure the horizontal and vertical of the brick wall, a small amount of zirconium ramming material can be placed under the pool wall when adjustment is needed.
1 Adjust the chest wall plate at the same level, fix the chin palm iron, determine the position of the hook brick according to the center line of the melting furnace, and bounce the wire above the wall brick. At this time, draw the center line of each small furnace, and then follow The position of each brick marked on the drawing is the number one seat.
2 At the end of the small furnace flat masonry, the abortion can not be removed. After the chest wall of the clarification section is built, the top ends of the two ends can be removed after the top wire is fastened in order to prevent the flat sag from sinking.
3 The fused zirconia corundum bricks in the chest wall are all dry. It is worth noting that when laying bricks, it is necessary to use wooden wedges between the brick wall and the hook bricks to ensure the level of the hook bricks.
4 Because the bricks in the chest wall are large and heavy, and some even reach several hundred kilograms, pay special attention to safety during construction.
Kiln insulation brick construction method
Waterproof engineering is a delicate work. In the whole process of construction, it is necessary to pay more attention to fine engineering construction and diligent inspection in every stage.
1.Insulation brick wall. The aspect ratio, thickness and full length of the insulation wall must meet the requirements of the design drawings. The method of wall-laying is the same as the application of clay-like corundum bricks and the related refractory bricks. The infill wall should ensure that the ash is full and the mortar fullness should exceed 95%. It is forbidden to use a hammer to knock bricks when cutting bricks, and use an eraser hammer to gently tap the surface of the brick to correct it. It is forbidden to cut bricks immediately with a gray knife. It must be processed and processed by an automatic cutting machine for laser cutting. In order to prevent the thermal insulation brick from immediately touching with the fire in the kiln, the application of the corundum brick and the wall of the relevant refractory brick can be used around the inspection hole, and the thermal insulation wall and the thermal insulation material and the steel bar of the wall are also used to use the clay. The application of corundum bricks and the walls of related refractory bricks.
2. Insulation materials paving. The ordering specifications of the insulation board are not only in accordance with the design concept, but also the specific requirements for convenient installation. During the whole process of installation, it should be noted that the middle of the cotton board must be intimately touched, and the gap between the joints should be as small as possible. At the interface of the cotton board, it is good to adhere with high-temperature adhesive to make it tightly sealed and ensure its separation. The actual effect of thermal insulation.
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