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Selection and use of refractory castables in refractories

How to buy refractory castables
1. Why do you pay attention to the price of refractory castables, because refractory castables are refractory materials commonly used in masonry and repair kiln. Determines the service life of the kiln, so the primary responsibility of the castable manufacturer is to produce a good refractory castable.
2. Since it is related to the service life of the kiln, what is most important is of course the quality of refractory castables. Quite simply, the same specifications of refractory castables, high quality and low price, poor quality at the same time in front of us. What will be chosen is self-evident. It is a pity that our consumers often do not know which quality is the best.
3. A good refractory castable should match a good price, of course, the premise is that the price is reasonable according to laws and regulations. In this way, enterprises can develop, can invest in production and research and development, and can make more good refractory castable service furnace enterprises. Instead of driving bad coins out of bad coins, they are always repeating low-level homogenization and competition at the expense of quality.
How to use refractory castables correctly
1. Mold making: steel sheet and hard board can be used for mold making, and the mold release agent can be coated on the steel sheet. When painting waterproof paint on wooden boards, the template should have sufficient strength.
2. Stirring: The refractory material manufacturer for blast furnaces recommends pouring refractory castables into the forced mixer with the appropriate amount of additives. After dry mixing for 2-3 minutes, add water for wet mixing for 3-5 minutes. The amount of water added is 7, 0-7, 5%.
3. Vibration: The pouring material poured into the mold should be vibrated with layers of vibrating rods to avoid vibration leakage or vibration at the same location for too long. To prevent the castable from segregating or pores, the stirred castable should be used up within 20-30 minutes.
4. Maintenance: After the surface of the castable is dry, the blast furnace refractory manufacturer believes that the mold can be dismantled after its strength reaches 70%. The demolishing time should be greater than or equal to 24 hours, and the curing time should be more than 24 hours. Lightweight thermal insulation brick
5, drying: blast furnace refractory manufacturers believe that there must be sufficient baking time to ensure that moisture is removed. In order to avoid bursting, the cumulative baking time should be more than 72 hours.
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