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Classification of refractories and methods of classification

Main refractory classification methods
Divided by chemical composition: can be divided into acid refractory, alkaline refractory and neutral refractory; divided by refractory: can be divided into ordinary refractory (1580 ℃ ~ 1770 ℃), advanced refractories (1770 ~ 2000 ℃) ), Four grades of special refractories (above 2000 ℃) and super refractories (greater than 3000 ℃); divided by processing technology: can be divided into fired refractory materials, fused cast refractory materials, non-fired refractory materials; divided according to use: Can be divided into refractory materials for blast furnaces, refractory materials for open hearth furnaces, refractory materials for converters, refractory materials for continuous casting, refractory materials for glass kiln, refractory materials for cement kiln, etc. According to appearance: can be divided into refractory bricks, refractory mud, Unshaped refractories (for example: castables); according to shape and size, it can be divided into: standard refractories, general refractories, special refractories, special refractories and ultra special refractories; according to the molding process: It can be divided into refractory materials such as natural rock cutting saw, mud pouring, plastic molding, semi-dry molding and vibration, ramming, melting and casting; according to chemical-mineral composition: Divided into aluminum silicate (clay bricks, high alumina bricks, semi-silica bricks), silicon (silica bricks, fused quartz fired products), magnesium (magnesia bricks, magnesium aluminum bricks, magnesium chromium bricks), carbonaceous (carbon bricks) , Graphite brick), dolomite, zircon, special refractory products (high-purity oxide products, refractory compound products and high-temperature composite materials).
The refractory includes aluminum refractory, silicon refractory, and magnesium refractory.
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