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The Development Of Glass Mold Material

Glass mould is an important tool for the forming of glassware. Its quality will directly affect its service life and the appearance and cost of glassware. With the development of the world automobile industry in recent years the technology on rearview mirror is also greatly improved, as demands a higher request on Glass Mould Brick in terms of its performance and quality.
The Development Of Glass Mold Material
During the forming process, glass mould will frequently contact the 1100℃ molten glass. And collision may occur during use. Therefore, glass mould should have good mechanical properties and good resistance to thermal fatigue, oxidation and growth. The thermal conductivity is critical. Appropriate thermal conductivity can minimize the temperature gradient inside and outside the mold. 
With the development of the market and the improvement of glass forming technology, higher requirements are put on the glass mould. Common glass mold material is generally heat cast iron, stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy which is processed with surface strengthening treatment after machined. 
Since the metal mould is difficult to process, other materials are considered as alternatives to metal. Ceramic material is the preferred material. Compared to metal, ceramic mould brick has the following features: 
1) Low permanent linear change on reheating
Firing under the temperature of 1050 Degree. Ensures no distortion and no permanent linear change on the Glass Mould Brick.
2) High dense structure
It is manufactured from micron grade material, which is pressed molding following being mixed by high speed blender. The maximum rod is 1000 with extremely fine section structure.
3) Good Thermal Shock Stability.
No cracks even chap would be happening after long service of the Glass Mould Brick
4) Easy to be machined
It is manufactured based on the customer request, which avoids waste from cutting of the big blocks.
Glass Mould Brick can be used in thermal bending glass, thermal melting glass and art glass. We have established good fame among our customers since our Glass Mould Brick line was put into production with some performances superior to similar products available in the market.
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