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Development trend of refractory industry in the future

In the future, refractory material will be high-purity as the main raw materials, natural selection and synthetic and use. Develop and use "three stone" raw materials, that is, andalusite, sillimanite, kyanite raw materials, can improve the aluminum-silicon refractory material's microstructure and thermodynamic property. As the "three stone" at high temperature change phase into mullite, and mullite expansion coefficient is smaller, is conducive to improving the thermal shock resistance of the material. In the material, adding orarsalite can form a number of countless subtle gap of thermal stress diffusion, so that the stress in the glass mould brick is released, thereby improving the thermal shock resistance. And the temperature of sillimanite completely mullitized is higher, is conducive to improve the high temperature creep resistance. In addition, due to the volume expansion effect associated with mulliteization is also favorable for high temperature creep resistance. The development of high-quality synthetic refractory raw materials, the use of natural raw materials in developed countries is declining, and the amount of high-purity synthetic raw materials is increasing, the reason is a large number of synthetic raw materials, The reason is that heavy use of synthetic raw material, the proportion of unshaped refractory material is increasing, and extensive use of natural materials of fire clay brick, high alumina brick, zircon brick's output is decreasing.

Therefore, innovation, research and development, education, management and investment will be the key to maintain the vitality and success for refractory material in the future. Current and future years for China's refractory material industry, is a period of structural optimization, corporate restructuring and variety structure adjustment period. China's refractory material development's strategy should be based on China's rich natural resources, the development of high-performance synthetic raw materials and more high-performance, functional products, in order to meet the advanced high-temperature industrial development and requirements, focusing on continuous casting and clean steel production. At the same time, should pay attention to equipment and management, improve the quality of refractory material and product stability and reliability.
The production cost of refractory material in developed countries is much higher than that in developing countries, and at the same time due to the stricter environmental requirements, they are forced to produce only high value-added products or export technology, and bulk products and labor-intensive products are transferred to developing countries. Due to unique advantages of raw materials and labor costs of China, there is no doubt more opportunity. This means that the export of important raw materials is further restricted, and the reliance on imports of refractory raw materials and products in some developed countries will have an important impact on the refractory industry. In order to reduce costs, they are bound to move the factory to China, will also be an important opportunity development for China's refractory industry. 
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