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What are the five trends in refractory development?

With the development of refractory material, according to 13th Five Year Plan, the relevant personnel put forward refractory material to meet the development trend of iron and steel industry development.
First, accelerate the development of China's amorphous refractory material. China should explore the technical and economic reasons, supporting the improvement of construction (repair, demolition) equipment, accelerate for increasing the proportion, in order to achieve the average level of developed country, save energy and reduce consumption.
Second, pay attention to researching and promoting precision high-grade refractory material's repair and reuse of technology and equipment, to facilitate emission reduction, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation of refractory material enterprises and steel mills.
Third, vigorously improve the production and application automation of refractory material, intelligent level, improve the quality of refractory material and its stability, reduce the production cost of high quality refractory material.
Fourth, strengthen the comprehensive study of disciplines, combined with cutting-edge technology to expand new varieties of refractory material and promote further optimization of steel technology.
Fifth, focus on the application of clean energy in refractory material production. In addition to roasting process, refractory material production is basically discontinuous, and the power is smaller, can fully use clean energy, to achieve low-carbon emissions, such as raw materials for drying, constant temperature and other processes.

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