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The technological progress of glass

China's glass industry is developing rapidly, and has become the world's first glass production power. The rapid development of the glass industry naturally promotes the development and technological progress of China's glass furnace refractory materials. Compared with the traditional process, modern glass production technology has a qualitative leap which towards the direction of higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and better product quality. Accordingly, the technical level of glass furnace which is as the core equipment of glass production is also in constant progress, for instance, widely adopt new technologies to improve the combustion intensity, strengthen heat transfer effect, reduce heat loss and educe the pollution of products and environment.
The technological progress of glass furnace requires a variety of high quality refractory bricks as the guarantee condition which can withstand high temperature, resist to strong chemical corrosion and bear severe stress damage. In order to achieve the new furnace technology of high efficiency, energy saving and low pollution, it is very important to combine and use several kinds of high quality refractory in one glass furnace, for example, fused cast AZS brick 33# is mainly used in relatively low temperature and corrosive parts of glass furnace such as working ends, feeder channel; fused cast AZS brick 41# is especially applied to seriously corrosive parts of glass furnace such as throat, bottom budding, dam brick, electric brick corners, doghouse and also can be used in sidewalls; Zircon brick is mainly used in the superstructure of flame space and tank bottom of glass furnace; fused cast alumina brick (α-β brick) is mainly used as the ideal refractory material for feeder channel, spouts and working ends of glass furnaces.
High quality refractory is not only the consumption materials to modern high temperature technology, but also functional materials to achieve high temperature technology. Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. has been committed to research and develop high quality refractory products for many years, for any further information, contact us, we will do our best to help you.

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