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Magnesia brick what purpose?

Our company Magnesia uses: 
Magnesia widely used non-ferrous metal smelting and other high-temperature industrial furnaces, basic open-hearth steelmaking, electric stove and oven walls, permanent lining oxygen converter, the high-temperature tunnel kiln, calcined magnesia brick and cement kiln lining, furnace hearth and furnace walls, glass furnace regenerator checker bricks and so on.

Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. locates at centre China. The major railway intersection of Jingguang and Longhai is close to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. To expand its import and export business, Sunrise has established long-term business with dozens of customer all over the world and maintained

good cooperation with them.
Refractory Company,manufacture the main products are as follows: fused cast AZS 33#,36#,41#, glass furnace fireclay bottom block, mullite brick, zircon brick, alumina bubble brick, sillimanite brick, corundum brick, low porosity fireclay brick, high alumina brick, all kinds of glass furnace ramming masses, sealing materials, building fireclay, etc. 

Sunrise can offer the customer excellent service relating to the production line of the float glass,

which includes the design and advisory of the furnace and the tin bath, the matching of the materials and its construction. The products made by our company have been used in more than 80 production lines of float glass and production line of glass products both at home and abroad. 
Sunrise conscientiously observes the government's line, policy, laws and regulations, follows the international trade practice, adheres to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, complies with contract and keeps the promise.

BWTC upholds the principle of "combining industry with trade", "technology with trade" and "export with import", to serve its customer at home and abroad sincerely.



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