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Performance and forming method of clay bricks for glass kiln

Clay bricks are acidic refractories, and their acidity gradually decreases as the alumina content in the brick increases. Its thermal conductivity is the lowest among all refractory materials. Although its refractoriness is as high as 1700°C, the softening temperature of the load is only about 1300°C. This is the biggest drawback of clay bricks. Therefore, they cannot be loaded and cannot be pressed under high temperature. When it is eroded by a large amount of R2O, its softening temperature is further reduced to about 1050°C, so it can only be used in the lower part of the tank wall or in the lower part of the bottom of the tank. The thermal expansion coefficient of clay bricks is the smallest among the commonly used refractory materials. At the same time, because the clay bricks are small in size, the pores are small and evenly distributed, the stress is easily buffered, and therefore the thermal shock resistance is strong in a wide range. In the lower part of the regenerator, the refractory bricks near the feeders on the checker bricks, flue gas ducts, and daily-use glass pool furnaces, such as punches and bowls, are required to have a good thermal shock resistance and can fully function.
There are many methods for making clay bricks, which can be hand-formed, beat-formed, extruder-formed, slurry-casted and press-pressed. Different molding methods have great differences in the properties of products. Even if the chemical composition is the same, the types of raw materials are the same, and the properties of the bricks are different due to their different molding methods. Different methods are used to use the regenerators to store bricks. The size of the bricks is small, and the products are molded by high-pressure presses. the best. For large wall bricks, feed trough bricks, etc. using the vacuum exhaust mud casting method is best; but for the precise size of the product with a hammering method is better.
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