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The 29th China International Glass Exhibition

The 29th China International Glass Exhibition (CHINA GLASS 2018) will be held from April 19th to 22nd, 2018 at the China Shanghai International Exhibition Center (new hall). The exhibition will continue adhering to the concept of "professionalism, internationalization, and scale", and fully display the innovative development achievements of the global glass industry, providing authoritative and professional displays and exchanges for domestic and foreign manufacturers. Covers the entire industry chain of the glass industry. platform.
At present, after experiencing a long period of rapid development, the Chinese glass industry faces excessive production capacity, prominent contradiction between supply and demand, falling profits, slow pace of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and creating and meeting new demands. Industry Development Trends In 2017, China's building materials industry has continuously deepened its structural reforms. The State Council's No. 34 document “Guiding Opinions on Promoting Stable Growth of Building Materials Industry, Adjusting Structure, and Increasing Benefits” has provided guidance on the policy level, accelerated the structural adjustment, transformation, and upgrading of the glass industry, curbed the economic downturn, and reduced revenue. In 2016, the contradiction between supply and demand in the flat glass industry has eased and the overall growth trend has been shown. At the same time, technological innovation in the glass industry is also emerging. High-end energy-saving glass such as ultra-white and ultra-thin glass has become the highlight of the industry brand. Various changes have injected new hope and confidence into the development of the glass industry.
The China Glass Show has always been the authoritative publishing platform for the global glass industry to showcase new technologies and new products. In this exhibition, ZHENGZHOU SUNRISE ADVANCED MATERIALS CO.LTD will display our new refractory product at the E3 hall, 306 booth: Magnesium Silicon Thermal Insulation Board.Properties and Advantages:
1. high compressive strength;
2. No vapours evolved during the heating-up process, green and environmentally-friendly;
3. Low thermal conductivity;
4. High electrical resistance;
5. Good thermal resistance;
6. Ease of handling and installation;
7. Hard, stable and adequate mechanical stability;
Please stay tuned.
As the world's largest glass industry exhibition in 2018, CHINA GLASS 2018 will continue to respond to the policy of promoting overcapacity and speeding up supply-side structural reforms during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, and assisting the glass industry in trade and technology exchanges to help both domestic and overseas. Vendors carry out market expansion and provide a best brand display, technology exchange and economic and trade negotiation platform for the majority of glass industry manufacturers.
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