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Why Sunrise Refractory Glass Mould Bricks Have Always NO.1 i

With the development of the world in recent years, so the technology on glass mould bricks is also greatly improved. Since 2000, sunrise refractory have been working on the research and development of glass mold bricks, and in March 2003 success was achieved in the trial manufacture, in Sep 2003 a Mold Brick production line was established, All, it is not difficult to find that we are a company specializing in the production of glass mold bricks for sale.

Sunrise refractory glass mould bricks have many characterizes:
1. Low permanent linear change on reheating. Firing under the temperature of 1050 Degree. Ensures no distortion and no permanent linear change on the mold bricks.
2. High dense structure. Glass mould brick is manufactured from micron grade material, which is pressed molding following being mixed by high speed blender. The maximum rod is 1000 with extremely fine section structure. 
3. Good Thermal Shock Stability. No cracks even chap would be happening after long service of the bricks
4. Easy to be machined. The glass mould brick is manufactured based on the customer request, which avoids waste from cutting of the big blocks. 
We have established good fame among our customers since our glass mould brick line was put into production with some performances superior to similar products available in the market. 
Glass mould bricks could also be used in thermal bending glass, thermal melting glass and art glass. Do you want get more information about sunrise refractory glass mould bricks for sale, welcome send e - mail to me or call my phone.
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