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Details of Sunrise Refractory Fused Cast AZS Brick For Sale

Sunrise refractory fused cast AZS brick for sale is one kind of refractory brick that is made of pure alumina powder and zircon sand, the main composition of fused cast AZS brick is Al2O3, ZrO2 and SiO2 that directly reflects the meaning of AZS. According to the different content of ZrO2 from 33%-41%, fused cast AZS brick can be divided into three types AZS—33#, AZS—36# and AZS—41#, 
This brick is produced by adopting casting technology method which is by melting the raw material in the electric furnace, then casting into various molds and cooling themselves down to become solid. As all we know, Al2O3 has the special property of a relatively high thermal conductivity, ZrO2 has the property of superior mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical and optical properties. 
Because the special bonding process and the different chemical composition, our fused cast AZS bricks with good performance.
In addition, the casting technology has different grade, and different type of fused cast AZS brick can adopt different grade casting technology, so different types of fused cast AZS brick using different production technology has different characteristics, applications are also different. 
The most prominent feature is dense structure which results in the low potential for stoning, blistering and exudation of the matrix glass. What is more, when using in glass furnace, fused cast AZS brick has high corrosion resistance to glass liquid, excellent minimal contamination property.
Sunrise refractory fused cast AZS brick is mainly applied to all the melting pool where directly gets in touch with the glass liquid such sidewall, paving of working end, doghouse bricks, super structure, fore hearth, throat, bubbling brick, corner brick, etc. 
Sunrise refractory factory have passed the ISO international certified, and we can provide you any certified whatever you need. Besides, sunrise refractory can satisfied all you requirements about fused cast AZS bricks or other refractory materials. Welcome send e- mail to me.
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