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The difference between insulating bricks and refractory bric

As we all known, insulation bricks and refractory bricks are all refractory materials. So for the difference between the two, many people are not very clear. Today, sunrise refractory materials will give you a brief introduction to the difference between the two.
1. Insulation performance.
The thermal conductivity of insulating bricks is generally 0.2-0.4 (average temperature 350±25°C) w/mk, while the thermal conductivity of refractory bricks is 1.0 (average temperature 350±25°C) w/mk, so we can get The insulation performance of the insulation bricks is much better than that of the refractory bricks.
2. Refractoriness.
The refractoriness of the insulating brick is generally below 1400 degrees, while the refractory brick has a refractoriness of more than 1400 degrees.
3. Density.
Insulation bricks are generally lightweight insulation materials, the density is generally 0.8-1.0g/cm3 and the density of refractory bricks is basically above 2.0g/cm3.
In general, refractory bricks have high mechanical strength, long service life, good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with materials and high temperature resistance, and high heat resistance temperature can reach 1900 °C. It is especially suitable for high and low temperature shifting furnaces, reforming furnaces, hydroconverters, desulfurization tanks and methanation furnaces in fertilizer plants, which functions to disperse gas and liquid, and to support, cover and protect the catalyst. It can also be used in hot blast stoves and heating converters in the steel industry.
The refractory brick has the advantages of high density, high strength, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, high grinding efficiency, low noise, long service life and no contamination of materials. It is a high-quality grinding medium suitable for various grinding machines.
Refractory bricks are very different from insulating bricks, and their use environment, scope and function are different. Different materials will be used in different locations.
Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory is the best manufacturer and supplier of refractory bricks and insulation bricks in China. It can customize different types of refractory bricks and insulation bricks according to customers' needs and requirements. When purchasing materials, you should choose the refractory materials that suit your actual situation according to your actual situation. Sunrise refractory materials can meet all your requirements for refractory materials.
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