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Brief Introduce The Advantages of Refractory Bricks For Sale

Refractory bricks are developed in an environment where society is developing at a high speed and people are paying more and more attention to energy conservation. Sunrise refractory bricks for sale not only have excellent chemical and thermodynamic stability, but also have excellent thermal and mechanical properties. Here is a brief introduction to some of the advantages of sunrise refractory bricks:
1. Very high resistance to molten steel penetration. Since it can effectively prevent the penetration of molten steel from the joint between the lining bricks into the interior of the brick during use.
2. Excellent slag resistance. In addition to the action of graphite, the alumina resistance reacts with the calcium oxide in the slag to form a high-melting cao-al2o3 compound, which blocks the pores and increases the melt viscosity, thereby inhibiting the penetration of the slag.
3. Has a high mechanical strength. Large bulk density, low porosity and high strength.
We are the best manufacturer and supplier of refractory bricks in China. We have our own factories, so we can control the quality and production speed of refractory materials, guarantee the best quality refractory bricks for our customers, and guarantee delivery. Delivery within the period. If you are interested in sunrise refractory bricks or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.       
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