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The Characteristics of Sunrise Refractory Glass Mold Brick

I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of what is a glass mold brick, so today I will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of Zhengzhou sunrise refractory glass mold brick.

1. The change of the reheating line is low. Since the glass brick for hot bending is sintered at 1050 °C, this ensures the long-term use of the reheating line of the glass hot bending brick at 800 °C with zero and no deformation.
2. The structure is fine, the glass hot bending mold brick is made of micron-sized material by high-speed mixer mixing, the coarsest material particles in the batch are less than 1000 mesh, and the section structure is very fine.
3. The thermal shock stability is good, the glass hot bending mold brick will not appear any cracks (including cracking phenomenon) during long-term use.
4. The processing is convenient, the glass bending bricks are made according to the specifications of the user, which avoids the problem of large cutting and waste.
5. The price is low, and the price of the glass for hot bending is lower than that of the similar products.
Our company has responded well since the production of glass hot bending die bricks, and some indicators are superior to similar products. The glass bending hot mold is divided into high-strength ceramic mold bricks M-4A-6, M-4A-10, M-4A-13, and ordinary mold brick M-4B.
Sunrise refractory glass hot bending die can also be used in hot bending glass, hot melt glass and process glass industries. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to come to our company for guidance!
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