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Guidelines for the selection of refractories for glass kiln

In the glass industry, refractory materials are the material basis of glass kiln, which has a great impact on the overall efficiency of the kiln. It is one of the main factors affecting the return on investment of glass melting furnace engineering, and it is also the key to the performance and stable operation of glass melting furnace. Refractory materials are not only used in large quantities, but also cost a large proportion of the total kiln cost and even the entire plant investment, so it is necessary to select materials reasonably.
The overall goal of glass kiln refractory selection is to take into account both technical and economic factors, physicochemical properties, structural forms and critical performance of refractories, operating parameters of various parts of the kiln and erosion mechanism of materials at high temperatures. Based on the mutual reaction and the knowledge and practical experience of the actual operation performance of the kiln and refractory materials, the refractory materials of various parts of the kiln are selected and matched reasonably to achieve the equilibrium of erosion, prolong the service life and reduce the best cost. effect. Requirements are as follows:
1, to meet the necessary performance properties, such as high temperature properties, chemical stability, thermal stability, volume stability and mechanical strength.
2, does not pollute the glass liquid, and has little effect on the quality of the glass liquid.
3, as long as possible.
4, There is no contact reaction between the refractory materials of different materials that are built together.
5, Use as little material and heat loss as possible.
6, The vulnerable parts are made of high-quality materials, and other parts can be made of general materials, so that they can be reasonably matched and the kiln age is synchronized.
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