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Normal Temperature Compressive Strength of Refractory Materi

Normal temperature compressive strength is one of the important indicators for testing refractory materials. More and more refractory materials factories must use them as an important factor in the quality of products when producing products.
Normal temperature compressive strength refers to the maximum pressure that can be withstood by the unit area of the material at normal temperature, which is expressed in megapascals (MPa). The normal temperature compressive strength of refractory materials is an important technical property of materials. Although the static load of refractory materials in general thermal equipment is not large, generally not more than 0.1~0.2 N/mm2, the top brick does not exceed 0.4~0.5 N/mm2, large blast furnace bottom brick, hot blast stove top The lower layer of the flat furnace heat storage checker brick, the maximum load does not exceed 1 N/mm2. Except for improper transportation and masonry, the material may be damaged by impact and extrusion, and it is rarely damaged due to the low temperature resistance of the material at normal temperature. 
The current standard stipulates that the normal temperature compressive strength of refractory materials is not less than 10~15 N/mm2, and the requirements for advanced refractory materials are above 25~30 N/mm2, mainly because the normal temperature compressive strength of refractory materials is its structure. The parameters, especially the sensitive parameters of the microstructure. The formation of the microstructure of the material is restricted by various process factors in the material preparation process, such as the characteristics of the raw materials and the ratio of the ingredients, the particle size and gradation, and the combination of the particles, the molding method and the sintering state, etc. Microstructures have an important impact.
Therefore, normal temperature compressive strength is a reliable method for testing the current state of the art of refractory materials. In addition, the normal temperature and compressive strength of the refractory material can indirectly evaluate the merits of other mechanical properties, such as the normal temperature resistance of the general refractory material is about 2 to 3 times the bending strength; 5 to 10 times the tensile strength. Good wear resistance and impact resistance correspond to higher normal temperature and compressive strength. Moreover, the method of measuring the normal temperature compressive strength is simple. Therefore, the normal temperature compressive strength is a routine test item for judging the material quality.
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