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Effective solution to extend the life cycle of blast furnace

Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production and sales of refractory materials for more than 20 years. Our company's refractory products are exported to many countries at home and abroad. In this process, we have summarized the blast furnace lining. 
The damage is mainly related to five aspects: 
1.The design of the process parameters of the furnace itself; 
2.The quality of the refractory material used for the furnace lining; 
3.The quality of the lining masonry; 
4.The composition of the smelting raw materials and the slag composition; 
5.Actual production operations are related. 
In combination with the five causes of damage to the lining, Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. has made effective solutions to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of the lining.
1. Reasonable configuration of process parameters
The process configuration of the submerged arc furnace, especially the electrode configuration, is very important. The other is the design of the inner dimensions of the furnace. In actual production, the damage of most of the furnace walls is related to the diameter of the furnace. If the diameter of the furnace is too small, there will be a phenomenon of sputum transfer, which is that the reaction zone is biased toward the furnace wall, which causes the furnace wall to be damaged.
2. Use the appropriate lining material
In the smelting process of the submerged arc furnace, the refractory material of the lining should be in contact with the molten metal, slag and furnace gas. At the same time, according to the different smelting raw materials, the suitable refractory material is selected, and the lining is also required to have good slag resistance and sufficient The load softens the temperature and the degree of refractoriness.
3. Improve the structure design of the furnace body
Applying the principle of solidification lining, the so-called "solidification lining principle" refers to the part of the molten pool that is in contact with the lining in consideration of the thermal conductivity of the refractory material and the external cooling strength. At present, the solidification lining principle has been applied in the nickel-smelting furnace, the copper-smelting furnace, and the zinc-smelting furnace, and the effect is very good.
4. Standardize the quality of furnace construction
The quality of furnace construction has always been our key point. In the application of refractory materials, the last thing we want to see is that good materials affect the later life cycle because of the quality of construction. Whether in the mine furnace or any kind of kiln, the masonry construction must choose a professional construction team, in strict accordance with the design requirements, control to ensure the construction quality.
5. Strengthen raw material control
In the smelting process, the metal content of the molten metal is also an important factor to protect and extend the life of the lining of the submerged arc furnace. The reduction of the metal content is of great significance to the service life of the submerged arc furnace.
6. Strengthen production operation management
In the actual production operation process, especially during the shutdown and heat preservation period, the tightness of the furnace should be ensured. The oven operation must be carried out in accordance with the temperature rise curve. The feeding operation must ensure the uniformity of the charge. Reduce the lining due to damage to production operations.
There are many precautions for the use of refractory materials and the use of submerged arc furnaces. If you want to get more information about refractory materials, please contact Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. We sincerely serve you.
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