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How to increase the bulk density of refractory bricks

The bulk density of refractory bricks refers to the ratio of mass to volume after cooling at high temperature. The bulk density indicates the density of refractory bricks and is one of the indicators for measuring the quality of refractory bricks. The bulk density of the refractory brick affects the porosity, strength, corrosion resistance, load softening temperature, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance and the like of the refractory brick. The greater the bulk density, the better the strength, erosion resistance, wear resistance, load softening temperature of the refractory bricks, and the longer the service life.
The refractory brick blank is composed of refractory aggregates and binders with different particles. To form a dense structure, particles of different sizes need to be filled with each other, thoroughly mixed in the mixing stage, and then added to the fixed size mold; The pressure of the brick machine and the number of times of pressing down to achieve dense accumulation; effectively increase the firing temperature and prolong the holding time, so that the chemical reaction of the refractory material can also increase the density. This is a way to increase the density of refractory bricks.
In the same way, in addition to the shaped refractory bricks, the refractory materials also have amorphous refractory materials, such as refractory castables, refractory ramming materials, etc., and the above methods are also used to increase the bulk density, and of course there are also differences. Increasing the bulk density of the castables also requires that the particles of different sizes be filled with each other. After the casting is completed, the vibrating tool is used to vibrate, such as a vibrating rod, a vibrating plate, a vibrating table, etc., and the particles are sufficiently filled by high frequency vibration stress until the surface is panned. So far. The baking of the cast liner is also different from the firing of the refractory brick. The refractory brick is calcined by entering the high temperature zone after drying at 100-250 degrees, and the castable lining or article is subjected to standard performance by slowly increasing the temperature to remove the moisture in the material.
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