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Refractory brick forming method and common problems

There are many methods for forming refractory bricks. Common methods include organic compression molding, vibration molding, melt casting molding, extrusion molding, and stamping molding.
At present, the most commonly used forming method in the production of refractory bricks is the mechanical pressing method, which uses a brick press and a steel mold to press the mud into a green body. Because the semi-dry mud with a water content of about 5% is generally used, it is also a semi-dry method. Mechanical compression molding has the characteristics of compact body structure, high strength, small shrinkage during drying and firing, and easy control of dimensions. Machine pressing can be divided into two types of single-side pressure and double-side pressure according to the pressing method, the latter can reduce the layer density phenomenon of the green body.
The choice of any molding method is mainly based on the properties of the mud, the shape, size of the green body and other process requirements. Except that most of the refractory materials are machine-pressed, vibration molding is generally used to form large shaped bodies, and extrusion molding is generally used to form tubular blanks. Of course, the choice of molding method is also limited by the conditions of the equipment of the manufacturer. Therefore, some products cannot use the best molding method. In this case, the enterprise should choose other more suitable molding methods on the premise of meeting the technical requirements of the product.
The automatic hydraulic press can rely on the computer to control the pressure and pressure release speed as desired, and even control the pressure curve of each brick in the porous mold to ensure the reasonable distribution of pressure in time and space and obtain high-quality brick blanks.
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