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Hollow glass brick mold performance requirements and physica

The forming process of hollow glass bricks is complicated. In order to achieve high productivity, the glass should have a minimum heat capacity when entering the mold, and the heat removal time should be as short as possible; however, during the molding process, the glass must contain enough heat to allow it to flow freely. The mold is in direct contact with the high-temperature glass. Avoid adhesion to the molten glass. When asked, the mold itself is a glass heat transmission medium. The material properties directly affect the quality of the product and its life. Therefore, the mold material should have the following properties: uniform and dense texture, good processing performance: good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal stability: good chemical stability, not suitable for rust scale; good wear resistance.
Materials for glass product molds and their heat treatment and use performance
 Mould frame material: The surface of hollow glass bricks has higher requirements for the lighting surface, while the four sides as the masonry surface have lower requirements. The mold frame is naturally cooled, and niobium cast iron with low price and good heat transfer performance can be used. In this aspect, there are mature experiences at home and abroad for reference "-".
In order to ensure that the service life of the mold reaches more than 2 million times, thermal spray spray welding of a 3mmX 3an nickel-based alloy frame can be used on the vulnerable parts of the mold. The alloy has good toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, and the impact resistance of the mold after spraying is greatly improved.
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