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About the application of glass mold brick

         Glass bricks are block-shaped or hollow box-shaped glass products made of transparent or colored glass frit. Its varieties mainly include glass hollow bricks and glass solid bricks, and mosaics are not included. In most cases, glass bricks are not used as decorative materials, but as structural materials, and used for similar functions such as walls, screens, partitions.
         In general, the living room does not want the presence of a nagging room (a room without light), and even the aisle hopes for light. The use of glass bricks not only has the function of partitioning, but also can guide the light into it, and has a good sound insulation effect. Glass bricks can be applied to exterior walls or interior partitions, providing good lighting effects and a feeling of continuous space. Whether it is used in a single block or the entire wall, it can have a finishing touch.
         Glass bricks are used in exterior doors to bring natural light and outdoor scenery into the interior. The bricks have high strength, good durability, can withstand the wind, and do not require additional maintenance structures to ensure safety.Glass bricks occupy a considerable proportion in the decoration market. They are generally used in high-end decoration places to create a variety of atmospheres. 
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